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Strengthening Your Heat Treatment Credentials
through the Right Training

David Pye


"Remember - no two days in heat treatment are alike"

- David Pye

Heat Treatment Consultant & Trainer

  • Learn from David Pye, a metallurgist, heat-treatment expert with more than 50 years experience in the industry, author of many authoritative books, papers on various topics in heat-treatment

  • Learn various types heat treatment processes, and their application to various metals including different steels, alluminium, copper, etc.,

  • Learn Quality Management during heat treatment process as per the most stringent requirements of specialized industries such as aerospace and defence

  • Learn about various heat treatment furnaces including vacuum furnace and various metal testing laboratory equipment

Expert consultation in heat-treatment processes, furnace manufacturing, project management

Providing you the edge to compete globally

Expert consultation in heat-treatment processes, furnace manufacturing, project management

  • Consult with David Pye, a globally recognized metallurgist, heat treatment expert, technical writer

  • Project Management & Market studies for heat treatment plants

  • Manufacturing methods and material selection in relation to heat treatment

  • Metallurgical process trouble shooting (Failure analysis) and heat treatment process optimization

  • Expert Metallurgical witness/testimony services

  • Onsite Heat Treatment and metallurgy training/educational courses

  • Development of heat treatment training courses for particular applications and requirements

  • Heat Treatment Plant layouts

  • Metallurgical Laboratory Layouts

  • Expert Witness

  • Technical writer

  • Process specification procedures

  • On site heat treatment consulting



Heat Treatment Books by David Pye


Contributing to Heat Treatment Industry In India


Heat Treatment
Courses by David Pye

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