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Pye Metallurgical -
Consultants in Heat Treatment and Metallurgy

A company with recognized for its ability to offer extensive metallurgical and heat treatment consulting services to even the highly specialized and reputed industries globally

Consultants for metallurgical and heat treatment projects

Pye Metallurgical International Consulting is an international heat treatment consulting and education company, operating since March of 1996. The company, being well-networked globally, has gained many valued global clients in thermal and metallurgical processing industry for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The company offers metallurgical consulting services for

  • Project Management for new heat treatment plant, Plant Layout, Thermal Processing Recommendations and Appropriate Equipment Recommendations

  • Manufacturing methods in relation to heat treatment

  • Material selection in relation to heat-treatment

  • Equipment evaluation

  • Failure evaluation

  • Market studies

  • Process Specifications writing

Metallurgical process trouble shooting for:

  • Atmospheres

  • Process control

  • Quenching

  • Component failure analysis

  • Process response problems

  • Surface treatment (diffusion & deposition)

We have consulted for various types of industries inlcuding (but not limited to)

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Forging

  • Off road vehicles

  • Die casting

  • Marine

  • Aluminium extrusion

  • Furnace manufacturing

  • Mining industry

We accept assignments for Expert Metallurgical Witness or Expert Metallurgical Engineer or Metallurgical Expert or Metallurgical Consultant, offering expert metallurgical testimony in legal disputes that involve metallurgical differences, injuries, equipment and other metallurgical litigation disputes.

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